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Chatfuel Tutorial: Create Taxi Booking Bot for Facebook Messenger

Chatfuel is one of the leading chatbot development platforms to develop chatbots for Facebook Messenger. One of the main reasons of Chatfuel’s popularity is easy to use interface. No knowledge of programming is required to create basic chatbot. People with non-technical background too can create bots using the platform and launch on their Facebook page.…
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Chatfuel Cards and Plugins Examples for Facebook Messenger Chatbot

Chatfuel is one of the best choices available around for developing Facebook Messenger Chatbots. Using it one can build a simple chatbot within few minutes with no requirement of any technical knowledge or programming. It is kind of drag and drop platform where we can define the flow of our bot and integrate easily with…
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Chatfuel Dialogflow Integrator in Python for Facebook Messenger Bot

If you want to use Dialogflow agent in facebook messenger then it can be done easily using Dialogflow integrations. But the catch is that you need to create a Facebook App and get it verified. The verification process not only checks for chatbot functioanlity but also requires Business Verification. In business verification process you need…
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Getting started with Chatfuel for building Facebook Messenger Bots

When Facebook announced Messenger Platform with chatbots support at their F8 Developer Conference in 2016, it has opened a new opportunity for businesses to connect with their customers and clients through social media. Chatbot integration is one of major features of the Messenger Platform. If you are also excited to build a chatbot for your…
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