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We (Humans) are constantly on the exploration mode looking out ways, which can simplify our lives and make it easier. We have come far from our preliminary stage. Entering commands in an arcane language to fetch output from it to GUI to now we are developing bots that provides assistant to us by provide the freedom of entering any information. These Bots (like Google Assistant, Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa) surrounds us today and simplify our life by automating mundane tasks, helping in our daily tasks and improving End-user experience.

How Chatbots help business?

There are various areas in business where chatbot can optimize the process or give faster result.


Chatbots will be constantly available to your customers 24x7x365 offering personalized support without any delay building trust for customers and make them feel important for the organization.


As business continue to grow over vast geographical boundaries, it is important to automate repetitive tasks that consume maximum time and develop support sector proportionally to it.


Integrating with popular messaging platforms like Kik, Messenger, and Slack can increase brand awareness, customer engagement and ultimately providing opportunities to increase sales.

Industries where chatbot can be a game-changer


Chatbots voice/text interface can act as all in one front-desk associate managing reservations, inventory and providing on-time assistance to the guests.


Acting as a personal assistant, bot can help, locate guide and offer personalized products to customers in purchasing the product with complete assistance of delivery.


Insurance companies can employ bots to communicate different policies and spread awareness to help them invest smartly and creating a win-win situation for both the parties (Companies and Customers).


Value of funds changes at an abrupt pace. Chatbot developed on the knowledge of Stocks can act as a personal financial advisor. The bot can guide the history of stocks, manage funds and overcome all hassle with simple conversational interface.


Guides are the integral part of any travel plans. Chatbot acting as a single point contact for all travel related queries can guide travellers about the local places, cuisines, plan a complete itinerary (Hotel to Flight Bookings) This will help in tremendous reduction in time required and cost involved in the overall process.

Health and Fitness

The advent of smart wearables and monitoring devices have given rise to utilize the data and manage activities accordingly. Bots equipped with the details can guide users with the exercise, activities to undertake, selection of foods ensuring every individual lives a health life.

Chatbot Development Platforms


Microsoft Botframework

Amazon Lex

IBM Watson



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