Natural Language Processing Services

In today’s competitive edged market, natural language processing or simply NLP has become an important aspect and its importance is still increasing. Natural language processing basically means a machine’s ability to understand what a human is trying to say.
Moreover, Natural language processing has shown its importance in fields like questions answering systems, complaint monitoring, medical Fields, in the form of chatbots and many others. Natural language processing tools basically help to process, analyze, and understand unstructured data. This is done in order to process “big data” effectively.
Type of unstructured data it covers contains queries, email communications, social media, videos, customer reviews, customer support requests etc. Other than that, our Natural language processing services make you feel like there is a digital assistant built especially for your needs.
So, we cover below-mentioned Natural language processing services which include data acquisition and processing to analytics, entity extraction, fact extraction and more. Let’s dive into each:

Sentiment Analysis

In order to understand the language used as well as the sentiment behind it, NLP is the best way to provide both. Moreover, a machine will be able to understand not just what we say but also what we mean and it’s a huge advantage for an enterprise to have such a service.

Text Classification

In many cases, the content is written in a natural language such as English, French, and Chinese etc. But the meaning is not clear due to less use of tags. So, in order to get familiar with the processing of textual data, Text classification offers a good framework.
Moreover, there are various applications to classify text, for example, spam detection, sentiment analysis etc.

Entity extraction

Entity extraction is also a basic tool and it is amongst the important tool for full-text extraction. Moreover, the type of entity extracted could be a person, place, or organization.

Question Answering

Question answering is primarily concerned with building systems or intelligent chatbots that automatically answer questions posed by humans in natural language. Having this feature in a system decreases the need for human interference.

Text Generation

Neural text generation of simply text generation is a form of language modeling. Language modeling is the core problem of natural language processing and text generation is of such a type. It is a probability distribution for a sequence of words which suggests the next word.

Speech Recognition

Speech recognition is the process of identifying, analyzing and processing human speech to extract useful details. It includes levels of processing and overall a very important and cute feature of Natural language processing.