Appointment Booking Chatbot

Improve customer experience with Appointment Booking Chatbot

Appointment booking chatbot helps professional to manage appointment booking or reservation more efficiently and efficiently from various chat channels.

Appointment booking systems are seeing new innovations to handle the booking without human intervention. And when the system is capable enough to take care of the booking, then it’s quite logical to use it to offer 24/7 availability to valued customers.

Customers can access chatbot from their favorite platforms


Free up precious time

Appointment booking chatbot manages booking, rescheduling, and cancellation of the appointment with ease so that your employee no longer needs to be tied up to do something as simple as managing appointments when they could be accomplishing something more significant.


Google Calendar Integration

Our chatbot can easily send the appointment details to your email. But that might not be enough for you if you are using something like Google calendar to manage your appointments.

We have integrated Google Calendar to help service providers to keep the record of appointments.

More schedulers are in pipeline to be added in near future.

Chatbot Demo Videos

Have a glimpse of  Appointment Booking Chatbot integrated on different platforms

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Appointment Booking

Users can book appointments at any time from their preferred platforms. The chatbot is "Always on" service.

Appointment Cancellation

Users Cancel their appointment from their preferred channels which leads to fewer No-show.

Rescheduling Appointment

If user is not able to make it on the scheduled slot then they can Reschedule appointments with ease.

Appointment Reminder

Reduce No-show with customizable Reminder. Users get reminder email before their scheduled appointment.

Google Calendar integration

Google Calendar integration makes it easy for service provider to keep the records of appointments.

Confirmation mail to user

Chatbot sends a confirmation email to users for their reference and admin to notify a new appointment.

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