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Some interesting Natural Language Processing and Chatbots based products we are developing!

Appointment Booking Chatbot

Automation is being adopted at an unprecedented pace! With advancements in Natural Language Processing, appointment booking systems are seeing new innovations to handle the booking without human intervention. And when the system is capable enough to take care of the booking, then it’s quite logical to use it to offer 24/7 availability to valued customers.

We have developed this Appointment Booking Chatbot with Google Calendar Integration system using Dialogflow which can manage booking, reschedule, cancellation of the appointment with ease.

Not only that, users can access it on their favorite platform like Facebook Messenger, Google Assistant, Telephone, SMS or website. (More channels will be added in near future.)

Check out the demo video of our – Appointment Booking Chatbot with Google Calendar integration for Facebook Messenger using Dialogflow

Named Entity Recognition Using BERT

Named Entity Recognition (NER) is Natural Language Processing (NLP) based information tagging system. NER is used to find entities from the given input sentence or paragraph. Using BERT pre-trained model and merged dataset generated by us, we have fine-tuned the model to detect the entity and classify the text in 17 entity classes.

Named Entity Recognition is highly sought after NLP application to find the specific entities from the large chunks of unstructured data.

Check out our demo of our BERT based NER.

More information on how our system is built can be found on our blog – BERT Based Named Entity Recognition (NER) Tutorial And Demo and Buy BERT Based Named Entity Recognition (NER) Model And Code.

BERT Based Chatbot

In our quest to develop fully AI based chatbot, we are using pre-trained BERT models. We want to leverage superior NLP capabilities of BERT to fetch most relevant answers for user’s queries.

As a base for that, we have already developed Question & Answering system and BERT based closed-domain chatbot in English and other multiple languages.

The limiting factor in QnA with BERT is that, it takes long to process data and fetch answer if the length of the context paragraph is big. But now the demo of Chatbot on large text using BERT + Dialogflow is available. In this demo we have extended the text length up to half a million characters.

Ecommerce Chatbot (Magento2 & WooCommerce)

Having a stronghold in Chatbots Development, we are developing a system to turn Magento 2 / WooCommerce site into a chatbot. Ecommerce site owners can reach to their customers and showcase their products on Google Assistant or Facebook Messenger.

With a non-invasive approach, it is developed in such a way that site owner doesn’t need to install any extension or perform any code customization to make it work. It just works with API access.

More details about open-sourced Version 1 can be found on our blog Magento 2 Ecommerce Chatbot For Google Assistant & Facebook Messenger.

Text Generation Using GPT-2

What’s use of Natural Language Processing (NLP) advancements if it can not write content on its own!

The cut-throat competition in SEO to stay at the top of search results have increased the demand of content tremendously. Every business is looking for quality content writes. We want to put Machine Learning at use for them.

Open sourced by OpenAI, GPT-2 has garnered lot of attention for its text generation potentialities. We are leveraging latest version of GPT-2 for our text generation system.

The demo is now available at GPT-2 Text Generation Demo.

Also, you can check thousands of articles created by Machine on our website: MachineWrites.com – Fully AI based GPT2 Generated Articles Demo

Sentiment Analysis API

Our Sentiment Analysis demos have got quite a good popularity in last 1 year, especially BERT based Sentiment Analysis.

We have created API based solution to make it available for businesses who want to use Sentiment Analysis as third-party API.

The demo is available on request. Please get in touch at letstalk@pragnakalp.com

Dialogflow Web UI Widget

Popularity of Dialogflow as a chatbot development platform is increasing day-by-day. Dialogflow makes it very easy to use the same chatbot on multiple chat channels like Google Assistant, Facebook Messenger, Telephone, Telegram and many more.

Dialogflow provides integration for web-based chatbot too but it’s not very intuitive, attractive or user-friendly. Also, there is no integrated option to display a Dialogflow chatbot as a chat bubble on website.

To address this issue, we have developed our own Dialogflow Web UI Widget using which anyone can integrate Dialogflow chatbot on their website.

Business Information Bot

Rise in Chatbots proliferation will reach to a point where all the business will need at least basic level of chatbot to serve their customers on Google Assistant, Facebook Messenger, Amazon Alexa, WhatsApp, Telegram or other such channels.

With a vision to offer non-tech savvy business owners a solution where they can just provide their business information and launch their chatbot on Google Assistant and Facebook Messenger, we are creating Business Information Bot product.

We have already published free version of Business Information Chatbot Template for Google Assistant.

The demo is available on request. Please get in touch at letstalk@pragnakalp.com

All above products are currently in work-in-progress and they are at different stages of development. We are open to get investments or strategic partnership for sales of the products. If you are looking for similar solutions then we would be happy to provide enterprise solution by setting up custom solution for you.