Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Mobile Banking: Transforming the Customer Experience

Technology today has reached such a point where it’s obvious not to be impacted by it. Although there are many examples out there, one such example is the concept of Artificial intelligence in Mobile Banking.

Artificial intelligence has turned out to be very useful by providing the machines with the ability to interact or learn about completing the tasks that were previously done manually. This also has put the overall process to speed-up and has also enhanced the reliability to a larger extent. Moreover, mobile banking has also become secure and fast at the same time with the use of artificial intelligence.

The concept of having a personal virtual assistant, for example, Siri from Apple or Alexa from the Amazon, is not really new to reduce our everyday task efforts. It has been welcomed and accepted more by the users from across the globe with their bigger expectations for the personalization. Artificial intelligence in mobile application development technology can be utilized in multiple ways in various different industries.

This can be ranging from applications like Siri to more complex ones. According to research, 70% of companies or firms might be utilizing one AI technology out of the above-mentioned technologies in the future.

What is the need for Mobile Banking?

Nowadays, consumers have moved to mobile banking with extreme ease. Being aware of the massive benefits and utilization, users can now enjoy mobile banking services with convenience because of safety, security, and easy access.

Use of AI in Mobile Banking & Banking App’s functioning

1) Chatbots:

By the use of chatbots in mobile banking apps, we can save the bank more money in comparison to human resources. Easy-to-use Chatbots can be utilized with ease especially by the customers who aren’t inclined towards technology and are lesser aware of the technical terms.

It has great for people who are looking for quick and extremely personalized interactions as compared to the email or such other ways.

2) Personalized Customer Service:

ML is an application of Artificial Intelligence which is most prominent to utilize as it allows the bank or the similar institution owning the app process a huge amount of information and to carry out insightful results.

Using Artificial intelligence in mobile application development, businesses can learn and draw insights into the behavior of a user in order to figure out their preferences.

Artificial systems could be well-trained to configure better information sets which would learn with the interactions using that study for the subsequent interactions.

3) Better Financial Planning:

For the customer’s better financial and money plans, the financial institutions provide extremely complex calculations which are completely based on various factors including their earning, relevant risks, contingency, monetary inflation, etc.

So, to carry out such complex calculations along with the analytics, it is a way better to depend on a smart machine and analytics where the chances of error are really less as compared to the human calculations.

4) Smart Financial Advisory:

Customers visit the banking or financial institutions when they are looking for some financial advice, for example, financial planning, decisions regarding their investment, insurance etc.

Hence, the advisory that comes from the Artificial Intelligence app development technology (a machine learning based technology) is far better and more accurate in comparison to human resources.

5) Detection of Fraud:

Artificial Intelligence services could be proved to be more effective in finding patterns and fraudulent behavior by the use of their design and capability to detect any suspicious activity or frauds in real-time.

Other than this, AI security efforts could possibly help the financial institutions to add strong security (in the form of multiple layers) for mobile banking.

6) Efficient and Faster Transactions

In the case of the Mobile banking apps having AI features, similar transactions take far less time requiring very few resources. Mobile apps dependent on AI have the tendency to guide the users quickly to the channels that they ask for without wasting their time which makes the whole process of the transaction a lot more efficient.

7) Self-Driving Banks

Standing outside or inside the bank in endless queues is a big no-no especially for some money withdrawal, money deposit, or money transfer. And this has become one most crucial reason for the rise in mobile banking apps. Along with that, utilizing AI in mobile banking applications, transactions could be automated too.

We can easily monitor the transactions and their pattern, and the user could be informed quickly in any case of unusual activity in his/her account.

During the loss of any card, there is now no need to involve and spend a lot of time with customer care, or to even stand in a queue for the same physically. You can do everything with just one click and the card could also be blocked immediately.

8) Risk Management

There were times when the banks used to perform the risk assessment processes manually and would estimate the worthiness of credit of the borrower by checking the financial history which included credit or transaction history.

Along with that an approx. estimation of the growth in their income was also checked which wasn’t an accurate way of guessing the future behavior.

However, Artificial Intelligence utilized for mobile banking apps can simply analyze real-time information and data based on the most recent transactions, recent market conditions, and other current events.

So, it has now become possible to analyze and understand the huge amounts of data along with the activities on a micro level by utilizing Artificial Intelligence app development’s predictive analysis.


With the Artificial intelligence in mobile application development (AI) offering so many of the above-mentioned advancements and services ahead, this is definitely worth the wait to witness these excellent benefits by the mobile banking applications in the entire banking industry.

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